Sunday, August 17, 2003

Lots of Good News

1) Record Number of Dues-Paying Members:

1661 members and growing ! That is 61 or 4% more then last year's
1600 members. 80-20 anticipates a 20% increase ANNUALLY. That
hefty annual increase and a 650,000 address e-mailing list will mean
Group Political Clout for OUR community.

2) Tickets for the LA Event About To Be Sold Out:

260 of the 300 tickets for 80-20's 9/6 Historic Luncheon in Los
Angles have been reserved.

So many prestigious individuals have committed to be Co-Chairs,
Honorary Chairs and The Chairman of the event. Their names will
soon be announced in a press release.

3) 80-20's Intern To Be On Voice of America Again

Sherry Zhang, one of our Tien Chang-Lin summer interns whose
interview with VOA was broadcast live to China on 6/11, will be
interviewed again by VOA on 8/20.

She has recruited 34 members including one Life Member in one
month exceeding the target set for interns. In addition she wants to
give 80% of her pay back so that 80-20 may in the future invite more
"Asian American youth to gain the invaluable experience." Sherry is a
ROLE MODEL for not only our youth but also for all of us. In her we
find the combination of the best of Chinese and American culture.

A Complimentary Ticket for Each Day of Volunteering

Want to be a volunteer in an event that hosts the hottest
Democratic presidential candidate, Gov. Dean? Should be an exciting
experience to witness a presidential campaign. All volunteers are
thanked with a complimentary $75 ticket to the Luncheon for EACH
day of service. Please e-mail <> . THANK YOU.
We need you in the evening of 9/5 (Friday) and/or morning of 9/6.


To join as a member, go or .
To buy a ticket for the Historic Luncheon, go or
Or in both cases, send a check payable to "80-20 PAC" to
Jing-Li Yu, 80-20 special Assistant
P.O. Box 527340, Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .