Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Is 80-20 a Front for the Democratic Party?


1. Is 80-20 a front for the Democratic Party?

No. 80-20 is non-partisan. Its strategy is to induce
Democratic & Republican Parties to compete in serving our
rightful interests. The party that helps our community the most,
get 80-20's help in the presidential election.

2. Didn't 80-20 endorsed Gore, a Democrat, in the 2000 election?

Yes. It was because the Democratic party had done more for
our community in the preceding 2 years. First, Pres. Clinton had
appointed the historic first APA cabinet member, Norm Mineta.
Second, the Dems. were more supportive of immigration and anti-
hate crime legislations. Both are important to the APA community.
Thirdly, Gore wrote 80-20 to state that he would strongly support
80-20's specific programs designed to win equal opportunity and
equal justice for APAs, should he become the President, but Bush
didn't. Bush sent an indirect letter to 80-20 filled with general

3. Isn't 80-20's President, S. B. Woo a Democrat?

No. S.B. Woo is now registered as an Independent. He has
also announced never to run for an office or accept a federal
government appointment .

4. Why has 80-20 criticized the Republican Party so often?

Not often. Only twice since 2000. Both because the
Republican Party deserved it. The first time was when Senator
Lott reminisced about the good old days of segregation. The
second time was when Congressman Coble said that the
internment of Japanese Americans during WW II was proper. If
80-20 didn't spring to action during those incidents, 80-20 would
be guilty of not doing its job for our community.

5. Has 80-20 ever criticized the Democratic Party?

Yes. In 80-20's e-mail message of 10/2/02, entitled "Senator
Torricelli/ David Chang/ Asia Gate," we stated "John Huang raised
$3,000,000 from our community for the Democratic Party. Result?
Our community got trashed instead of gained political clout."

6. Has 80-20 ever praised the Republican Party?

Yes. In a 11/12/02 e-mail, entitled "Stopping Racist Attacks ­
Unity Is Power," 80-20 stated: "Since the 2000 election, the
Republican Party has served APA interests well in two
particular aspects
. First, President Bush has appointed more APAs
to significant federal level positions than President Clinton. Second,
GOP's immediate rejection of its own candidate owing to her racist
attack on an APA candidate was exemplary. The Democratic Party
may have some things to learn from the Republican Party
in these aspects.

7. Why did some APA Republican leaders describe 80-20
as a "front for the Democratic Party?"

If and when 80-20 endorses the Republican presidential nominee,
APA Dem. leaders will describe 80-20 as "a front for the Republican
Party." Such things come with the turf. :-)

8. Is 80-20 trying to distance itself from the Democratic Party
through this e-mail now?

No. 80-20 will continue to pressure both political parties to
respond to our rightful concerns. The response of the Republican
leadership to our concern over Congressman Howard Coble is
unsatisfactory. 80-20 will continue to press for the desired result.
Note that to be effective in politics in America, one must use
"carrots and sticks."