Wednesday, January 30, 2002

How to fight back when being stepped on

Here is how. See how 80-20 single-handedly forced a political TV ad that fanned the fear of "yellow peril" off the air in one day!

On 10/27/00, at 9 a.m. EDT, 80-20 became aware of a New York Times article reporting that a conservative wing of the Republican Party was airing a TV ad in small towns in the Midwest (i.e. avoiding areas with significant APA population), fanning "yellow peril" in order to get people to vote for Bush.

By noon, an 80-20 e-mail was sent to our 230,000 supporters urging them to phone, fax and/or e-mail the headquarters of the Bush campaign and The National Republican Committee (RNC) to demand that they "PULL that ad MMEDIATELY." That e-mail is shown below as Attachment (a).

S.B. Woo, representing 80-20's Steering Committee, called Jim Nicholson, Chairman of RNC, without reaching him. S.B. left a message urging Nicholson to get the TV ad off the air immediately or face 80-20's wrath.

At the same time , 80-20 also e-mailed a list of 350 mainstream and ethnic reporters urging them to make inquiries to Bush and RNC headquarters asking how GOP could tolerate such a "hate" ad? Many reporters made similar inquiries.

A huge number of faxes, phone calls and e-mails from 80-20's supporters went into the Bush camp and RNC on the same day. Some posted a copy to S.B.; a selected few are shown below as Attachment (b). Read to appreciate the emotion and courage of their contents! No other APA or mainstream organizations had asked
for the Bush campaign to pull the TV ad off the air, to our best knowledge.

One day later, on 10/28/00, the Republican Party announced that it has persuaded that particular Republican group to pull the TV ad off the air, explaining that the reason for the withdraw was "to not hurt Bush's campaign".

Note that the reason for pulling off the ad was NOT that it was wrong, but "to not hurt Bush's campaign". 80-20 understands how politicians think. See attachment (a) to satisfy yourself on how 80-20 went straight to what would "hurt Bush's campaign" ­ asking APAs to spread the word and vote against Bush in the contested
states. That was what produced the result.


NOTE TO READERS : This email is not intended as an indictment against
the Republican Party. Both parties have acted against APAs in the past.
This e-mail demonstrates how politics works when we are united. 80-20
is non-partisan. The party that helps the APA community the most
wins 80-20's help.

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[Attachment a] 80-20's e-mail of 10/27/00 calling on its supporters to take action to stop the "Daisy" TV ad:

Subject: A TV ad that'll bring on more W.H. Lee cases

The conservative wing of the Republican party is playing the
"yellow terror" card again? It was the same type of fear-mongering
that led to racial profiling and the Wen Ho Lee case. YOU MUST READ the
following New York Times article:

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"Infamous Political Commercial Is Turned on Gore"

By Leslie Wayn October 27, 2000

A remake of the "Daisy" commercial -- perhaps the most infamous of all political attack advertisements -- is being shown in several states today, but the target this time is Vice President Al Gore, not Barry Goldwater. The commercial contends that because the Clinton-Gore adminis tration "sold" the nation's security "to Communist Red China in exchange for campaign contributions," China has "the ability to threaten our homes with long-range nuclear warheads." It then shows a girl, counting down as she plucks daisy petals. Her counting is then replaced by a countdown of a missile, which is followed by a nuclear bomb explosion. "Don't take a chance. Please vote Republican," then appears on the screen.

The commercial is a copy of one that was made for President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. The commercial created such a furor -- with its tacit suggestion that Mr. Goldwater's views were so extreme that they would lead to nuclear annihilation -- that IT WAS WITHDRAWN AFTER APPEARING ONLY ONCE. But it has been remembered for decades.

A Texas-based nonprofit organization, Aretino Industries, paid for the new commercial, which will run in several closely contested states, including
Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, & Pennsylvania. Carey Cramer, a spokesman for the organization, in McAllen, Tex., declined to identify any of its members or the source of its money.

[For the full NY Times article, visit:]

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If you are outraged by that TV ad, call or fax or e-mail RNC and Bush headquarters, and ask it to PULL that ad IMMEDIATELY.

RNC: ph- 202-863-8500, fax-202-863-8820,

Bush: ph- 512-637-2000, fax- 512-344-4602,

Bush's e-mailing system is state dependent. For example:, ,

In politics, most people believe in "Don't get mad, GET EVEN." Those of you in contested states** should immediately tell the Bush camp that you are WITCHING FROM BUSH TO GORE and telling all your friends and relatives to switch.


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**Contested states: Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Indiana, Florida,

Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin [Attachment a] ENDS.

[Attachment b] See