Thursday, September 13, 2001

Doing Our Share

America is under attack. Wounded fellow Americans need blood.

80-20 urges all its supporters to roll up our sleeve, do our share and donate blood!

There are three things you may want to know before giving blood:

1) Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or 1-800-448-3543 to find out where to go,

2) You must be 17 or older, and weigh over 110 lb.

We demand equal rights. Therefore we must share equal burden. Many of us are displaying a flag at half staff. Some are wearing a black arm-band.

Above all, please do your share to donate blood. There may be long lines of people donating blood out there. However, if our fellow citizens can wait, then we can wait to do our share.


Emergency appeal: 80-20's T1 line for sending e-mails to you routed through the World Trade Center and was therefore cut off. Any one who can help provide 80-20 with a broad band communicate line, temporarily or permanently, please contact with a copy to so that we may recover our ability to communicate with our vast number of supporters. Right now we are only communicating with 1/20 of our supporters, with difficulties. 80- 20 will pay the necessary fees. Please help. *****************