Thursday, May 03, 2001

Very Negative Perception of Chinese Americans/ Asian Americans

"Study Finds Persistent Negative Perceptions of Ch. Ams." -- Los Angeles Times
"25% of U.S. View Chinese Ams Negatively, Poll Says" -- Washington Post

What are the articles all about? They are about a poll commissioned* by The Committee of 100 that was released on 4/25 surveying American attitude towards Chinese Americans. Its major finding is:

25% have "very negative attitudes" toward Ch. Ams. Another 43% have "somewhat negative attitudes."

One may note that the survey was completed before the US-China plane accident. If the survey were done today, the "Very Negative" will probably increase greatly. However, the sum of "Very Negative" and "Somewhat Negative" is not likely to increase much. One should also note that the study confirmed what Asian Ams. have always known. That is, Americans do not distinguish between Chinese Americans and Asian Americans. For the complete poll, visit .

How do we counter the severe negative image?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Think of the groups that had image problems in the past, and how they solved their problem. Such groups include the Jewish, Irish, Polish, Italians, blacks, and women. Here are the facts.

"All men are created equal" was declared in 1776. However, for 87 more years, Blacks remained slaves; for 144 more years white-women were not allowed to vote. White women won their equal opportunity only recently, after they organized N.O.W. and Emily's List; Blacks began to make progress after organizing the NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rainbow Coalition, etc.

Would white males, who could be stereotyped into groups that were without political clout, be exempt from discrimination? No! Read American history or visit the Kennedy Library in Boston. You'll learn about the rampant discrimination against Irish-, Polish- and Italian- Americans when they first immigrated to America. How did they combat discrimination? They organized bloc votes to build the necessary political clout to win equal opportunity.

How about the Jewish? They too combated prejudice and discrimination with bloc votes.

How about Hispanics? Bloc votes.

How about Asian Pacific Americans? 80-20 is the only APA organization that advocates a swing bloc vote. 80-20 also succeeded in delivering a bloc vote in year 2000. For evidence, visit our web site. See the poll funded by the National Science Foundation.

Join & help us. 80-20 is currently organizing a coalition to fight against APA bashing, and raising a war chest, called The Anti-Bashing Fund (ABF). Please do your share.

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*The poll was done by Yankelovich, a very reputable firm that has done similar surveys to measure American attitudes toward Jewish Americans since the 1960s.

*** Paid for by The 80-20 Political Action Committee ***